Kitchen Renovations & Bathroom Renovations

in Concord, Charlotte & Huntersville, NC

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You don’t have to live with an outdated kitchen. There’s no reason to be happy with an ugly bathroom. Sal’s Contracting, Inc. offers bathroom and kitchen renovations in the Concord, Charlotte & Huntersville, NC areas. We take care of minor upgrades and complete remodels.

Our general contractor will handle any plumbing and electrical needs, including moving the location of outlets or pipes. You can have your existing space torn down before it’s rebuilt from the ground up.

Upgrade your room by contacting Sal’s Contracting, Inc. today for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Concord, Charlotte or Huntersville, NC and the surrounding areas.

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3 Reasons to consider a Kitchen Renovation or Bathroom Renovation

When you want to update, improve or change your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll set up a time to visit your home. We’ll look over your space and provide you with a proposal on what needs to be done. There are various reasons homeowners want to renovate a room, including:

  1. Updating the style
  2. Changing out showers, tubs or sinks
  3. Adding more storage space

Get a space you’ll love living in by calling 585-329-0339 today.