Home Remodeling

in Concord & Huntersville, NC

Beautiful Home Renovations & Home Additions

Sal’s Contracting, Inc. can make your home grow with your family with home additions. Whether you need to build another bedroom or add some outdoor living space with a new deck, we can get it done.

No remodel is too large or too small for Sal’s Contracting. Call our Concord, NC location today to discuss your room addition. We also serve Huntersville and Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

Re-Create your house with a Home Renovation or Home Addition

If your home’s interior design isn’t aging well, it’s time to schedule a home renovation. Sal’s Contracting can update your house to reflect the latest styles and accommodate today’s high-tech home features. Or, if you prefer a more traditional style, we can create the vintage look you love. Show us the design you have in mind, and we’ll replicate it in your home.

Call Sal’s Contracting in Concord, NC today for a home renovation estimate. We also work in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Take on your Home Renovations with some backup

Every home seems perfect when you first purchase it. You’re excited to start a new chapter and move in, but when the newness wears off, you might be wishing you made some changes first. Don’t stress when your home isn’t 100% perfect. Sal’s Contracting Inc. can help you turn your house into a home that’s unique to you. We specialize in home renovations.

Our team can add more square footage to your home or redesign an existing space. No matter what you need, your home renovations will be handled with care. Call 585-329-0339 now to speak with one of our team members about your home.

We can redo your living room

Sometimes a space is OK but needs some work. Instead of getting disheartened thinking about all the hard work it would take to make it happen, turn to us. Living room renovations can be simple. We’ll make sure that we protect your home throughout the process. Contact our team to start planning your home makeover today.

We will work with you to bring your home renovation dreams to life in Concord, Charlotte, and Huntersville, NC. We have the experience and skillset to turn your current home into the home you have always imagined. This can be as simple as changing the paint color and floor type, to as much as adding more square footage. The possibilities are endless. Sal’s Contracting knows home renovation goals can be to add more space, increase functionality, or modernize your home. For every goal you have, we have a way to get you there.